Moulton Bicycle Company – Made in England

Beautifully filmed by ItsWellPlastic, this goes behind the scenes at the Moulton Bicycle Company.

“The Moulton bicycle is a unique design with many features that set it apart from other bicycles. Back in the 1950s, Alex Moulton defined the key features of the Moulton bicycle – small wheels, suspension, stiff unisex frame, adaptability to suit intended use, and innovation in design, engineering and manufacture. Today, these principles still hold true, but the resulting bicycle is improved in every way – lighter, stiffer, faster and more comfortable, as well as easier to transport by road, rail or air.”



Sadly, Dr. Alexander Eric Moulton CBE, distinguished engineer and inventor, passed away peacefully in the company of his family and staff on Sunday evening, 9th December 2012, at the age of 92.



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