Colnago Painting Process

From Colnago

The paint process starts with mask­ing tape and thread pro­tec­tors to keep paint out of the parts of the frame where none is needed. Then, we apply a layer of spe­cial primer that helps the outer lay­ers bond to the car­bon fiber.

When the primer has been dried in an oven at 50 Celsius, the painter applies laser-cut mask­ing decals and then adds the first layer of paint. Several more mask­ing steps and lay­ers of paint go to build up the even­tual colour scheme.

In time, the masks are all removed to reveal the final fin­ish. The only remain­ing step is to coat the whole frame in a layer of lac­quer that stops the ultra-violet rays in sun­light from fad­ing the paint and helps pro­tect the more intri­cate areas from damage.

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