Beauty Through Bamboo

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John Cho Moore grew tired of the limitations of the industrial design process and is now trying to capture the essence of design with his beautifully handmade bamboo and canvas bags. Follow John through his unique manufacturing process that challenges

An Exploration in Craft – Featuring: Tanner Goods

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*If you have the means, enjoy this video with headphones* Tanner Goods is a small leather goods manufacturer located in Portland, Oregon. They work hard to manage multiple storefronts and offer a wide range of hand crafted leather accessories. They

Made on Earth

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Written by Enrique Pacheco “Made on Earth” is the result of many photography expeditions over the past two years. Spain, Iceland, Estonia and USA were the main destinations. My goal has always been to get the best results, both technical

The Making of the Leica M9-P Hermes Edition

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Watch the making of the Leica M9-P »Edition Hermès« – Série Limitée Jean-Louis Dumas, By Leica Camera. Following the Leica MP and the Leica M7, this is the third in a line of premium special editions of the M-System to

The Future Belongs to the Curious

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From the moment we open our eyes it fuels our existence. We are on a mission to remind everyone to never lose your sense of curiosity or wonder. Long live learning! Join us! Director: One Year Study - Creative Director:

Khoi Vinh Discusses Grids

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Author and Design Director Khoi Vinh discusses grids and web design at the Voices That Matter: Web Design Conference 2010.

The Rapha Continental Movie

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Rapha uses design to translate a passion for the sport of cycle racing into understated, high performance products – and to create a brand that appeals to dedicated, enthusiastic customers. (Design Council)

Persol Sunglasses – Made by Hand

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A look at the craft of producing Persol sunglasses.

Vitsœ Workshop – No Robots!

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A glimpse behind-the-scenes at Vitsœ’s London workshop. The short film is narrated entirely by workshop staff, producing Dieter Rams’ famous shelving system. You’ll see the machinery we use to assemble and pack orders as well as the individuals who put

Leica Lenses

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Every Leica lens is hand-crafted and goes through meticulous manufacturing processes to uphold the quality and precision that Leica defines and customers have come to expect. In the age where technology almost inevitably means mass manufacturing, Leica products are still