How a Bicycle is Made (1945)

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The design and manufacture of Raleigh bicycles. Find out more information about this title at


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Branca, something of how they are made. Branca is inspired by wooden branches that turn, twist, meet and branch off. The result is comfort to the eye, to the body and to the hand. Design: Sam Hecht / Industrial Facility,

Colnago Painting Process

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From Colnago The paint process starts with mask­ing tape and thread pro­tec­tors to keep paint out of the parts of the frame where none is needed. Then, we apply a layer of spe­cial primer that helps the outer lay­ers bond

Colnago EPS Bike Frame Construction

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The Art of making bikes – constructing a top of the line carbon framed road bike.

“The Bushmills” by Shwood and Bodega


Shwood joined forces with BUSHMILLS, producers of Irish Whiskey, and Bodega, a Boston boutique store for a unique promotional item. Limited to 100 pieces, the 100 year old White Oak wood used once for the whiskey barrels, now forms the

Experiment No. 3 – Scrap Surf

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Shwood founder Eric Singer teams up with friends to create a unique wooden surfboard. Watch how Singer and company process and shape this functional one-of-a-kind board using reclaimed wood found on the Oregon coast. The construction process was guided by

Edwin Clothing: Japan

· Leave a comment For 35 years, Edwin Japan have worked on improving efficiency, quality, construction and washing methods by studying and engineering machinery used in the denim manufacturing process. It is impossible to improve what one makes without spending the time everyday

Cool Hunting Video Presents: Bentley

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Coolhunting write: During a recent trip to England we were invited to tour Bentley’s factory in Crewe and had the chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at how these luxury powerhouses are put together from start to finish. The hands-on

Manufacturing Super

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Super is a sunglasses brand by Retrosuperfuture and is known for their hand made italian glasses. The mix of precision, craft and passion has lead them adorning the heads of the rich and famous for years.

It’s Better In The Wind – Short Film

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Written by Scott Toepfer For the last two years I have been taking still photographs for a personal project entitled ‘It’s Better In The Wind,’ all the while collecting video footage from each ride as we traveled around the Western